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About Us

Our RFID wristband offerings are industry-leading products based on UHF RFID technology, utilizing the EPC Class 1, Gen 2 protocol.  Our UHF wristbands provide users with greater read range and a practically instant read speed.  Our products have been thouroughly tested and we have years of experience in the RFID market.


Low-Frequency (LF) High-Frequency (HF) Ultrahigh-Frequency (UHF)
125 KHz 13.56 MHz 886 MHz or 902-928 MHz
Read range up to 1.5 ft. Read range up to 3.0 ft. Read range up to 13.0 ft.
Slowest read speed Fast read speed Fastest read speed


We are a RFID solutions provider with a proven track record.  Our customers include the State of Texas, the FBI, Boston Public Health Commission, the State of South Carolina, Devon Energy, and many others.  For more information about our RFID solutions, please visit http://www.radiantrfid.com.


Contact Information:

Radiant RFID Headquarters
12912 Hill Country Blvd.
Suite #F-245
Austin, TX 78738

Phone: 512-351-4915 x112
Fax: 512-532-6712
Email: support@rfidwristband.com


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